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Are you looking for best youtube to mp3 converter online to download your favorite songs and movies?

That,s is not a great idea, Do you know that by using Youtube to mp3 converter android apps or software you are violating Youtube’s Terms & Policies?

Also, YouTube to MP3 converter websites can greatly damage your privacy.

If you ask me, I want to convert Youtube videos to mp3, Is it safe?

Then, My answer is a big No. If you do this, you may be at risk from two sides:

Firstly, can be banned from YouTube forever but you don’t need to be afraid of it. This is for those who make Youtube to Mp3 Softwares and websites. Because this is illegal.

Secondly, MP3 to YouTube converters can inject malware into your device and it is a very sensational one. Because if someone injects a virus or malware into your device (like-Mobile, Laptop, etc.), they can do anything with your personal information such as bank details or other secrets.

Have you ever read YouTube Terms and Policies?

 If not, then you must read it. In their policies, YouTube state that tampering with YouTube videos are prohibited.

Google also announced that Youtube is an online video platform, where we can only share and watch videos.

This means YouTube is coded in such a way that the video cannot be downloaded and converted from it.

So when someone tries to download or convert YouTube videos, they have to tamper with YouTube’s codings and here’s the big deal. Because of this wrong coding, Youtube to Mp3 converter apk, software or website keeps sending malware to your device.

It does not matter what device you are using. iPhone, Windows or Android.

 Then the question arises as to how to convert YouTube videos safely and without violating YouTube’s Terms and Conditions.

 Don’t worry, I have a safe and unique solution for you that works very well and I would like to tell you that I also use it. My claim is that after using my method you will not have to use third-party YouTube to Mp3 websites and Apps.

Wow!:– I am surprised that about 2 million people searching  YouTube to  MP3 converter or something like this every month in India and 1.5 million in the USA, according to Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest.

Now one thing can come in our mind, why does YouTube stop us from downloading and converting videos? Right!

The reason is very clear, Youtubers are uploading videos to YouTube to make money. And I believe, you know that whenever we watch a video on YouTube, the creator of the video gets paid. It can also take up to a week for YouTubers to make a video, but if we download or convert it and play it offline, how much will their income decrease, Have you ever thought?

Safest Youtube To Mp3 Solution

As I said, I will show you a way that you can easily convert Youtube videos, so let’s see what that method is. Again this is not legal according to YouTube’s policies, but this method is completely safe from viruses and malware. So, you do not need to worry about your privacy or bank details.

 I would like to tell you that I am not promoting any illegal works or activities and I am saying this only for educational purpose. So let’s get started…..

Note that, this method is not for long YouTube videos (Like-Movie). It works great if you want to convert your favorite music song or 5-10 minute videos.

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In the first step, you need a Screen Recorder. Screen Recorder comes pre-installed on most mobiles (Like-Android, iOS) nowadays. But if you do not have it on your mobile, then you should install it from Play Store or from the iPhone Store.

youtube to mp3 converter

Note that if you are a PC user then you need to download Screen Recorder for PC.


After installing the screen recorder in your device you need to go to Youtube. After entering YouTube, select that video which one you want to convert to mp3. Next, Play Youtube video and Turn On your Screen Recorder. Keep the screen recorder on until the video ends. And then save the recorded video in your device.

OMG! You have successfully downloaded Youtube video without using any harmful tool. If you are happy by downloading YouTube video then your journey ends here otherwise you need to go to the next step to convert that video to MP3.

 I think you know what I am going to show in the next step.


Now You need to use your Video to mp3 converter app. If you have not downloaded yet you can download from Play Store or iStore. Likewise, if you are using a PC, you will need to install the video to the MP3 converter software.

youtube mp3 converter online

After installing the application or software, open and choose your video which you have downloaded some time ago through the screen recorder. Now Press the CONVERT button and that’s it. You have converted successfully your YouTube video to mp3.

I know it takes a little time but it is awesome. I think you will not find a safe way out of it. Please use this method to convert YouTube videos to mp3 because of your safety matters.

I am very desperate to know if this method works or not, so there is a comment section at the bottom of this post, in which you can write your words.

Certainly I believe that the above method works very well in every device. However, if you find it difficult to use my method then I recommend you to read this article till the bottom line. Because I am going to show you some third party YouTube to Mp3 converter tools which are very popular at the present time.

Alternative YouTube To Mp3 Converters Online

Flvto is a website which offers YouTube videos converting system. They are claiming that Flvto is safe but this is not true. If you converting videos occasionally then you can use this website. In this website, you can’t choose any other qualities instead of 320kbps.


  1. Support- only Mp3
  2. Quality- Only 320Kbp
  3. Price- Free


If you have an Android phone, then you must have heard about Vidmate. I have also used it several times, though it is good to use.

vidmate youtube to mp3 app

Do you know Vidmate has been removed from the Android Play Store?

Yes! As I said, downloading or converting videos from YouTube is not allowed. So Google removed Vidamate from the Play Store.


  1. Support- Mp3 and Video
  2. Quality- Depends on Youtube Video Quality
  3. Price- Free


MyMp3  app is only available in the Apple App Store, if you use iPhone then this app is for you.

iphone youtube to mp3 converter app


  1. Support- Mp3
  2. Quality- Depends on Youtube Video
  3. Price- Free & Premium

Note That, I cannot give you links of above Website & Apps because it works against Google and I do not want to refer anyone to content that works against Google. So I apologize to you guys.


I do not know what decision you will take after reading this article, but one thing you should always remember is that your privacy is an important part of your life. I would always like you not to use anything that threatens you.

As I said above, YouTube to MP3 converters can also be a threat to your privacy. But the method I have told you is the world’s safest way to convert YouTube videos. You can select the quality (Mp3, Wav, etc.) according to you.


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