ShortPixel Review: Affordable Blog Speed Booster (2 Live Tests)

ShortPixel is an Image compressor plugin for WordPress Blog and in this article, I will talk about it.

Do remember, The ShortPixel review is totally transparent. For your information let me tell you that Personally, I love this plugin very much, that’s why I am calling ShortPixel The Speed Booster.

As there are many challenges in every single person’s life, similarly it happens in the life of a Blogger too.

Yes, I am talking about SEO. If you want to rank your blog on the first page of google then you need to reduce your blog image size also. Because heavy images can slow down the speed of your site and it’s a matter of problem. Always remember, Google does not like slow loading sites.

I am using ShortPixel on my blog, so I thought I should tell you about this plugin.

And of course, I have also shown it by doing a live test, which will help you to understand the greatness of ShortPixel.

ShortPixel Features

Before Start, take a look some extraordinary features of ShortPixel:

  • Automatically Compress Image:  In ShortPixel, You don’t have to compress images every time. ShortPixel do this work very well,
  • Choose Compression Type: You can select manually Image compression type,
  • Bulk Image Action: It will help you to optimize your old images,
  • Quick Installation: You can set up and use within 5 minutes,
  • API Key: Supports unlimited websites and blogs with a single API key,
  • Different Image Format: It will help to change your image format (Like- PNG to JPEG) as per your choice.

ShortPixel Pricing

You know ShortPixel has free and premium plans. Yes! You can use ShortPixel for free but need to face some restrictions with the free version.

With free ShortPixel version, you can optimize 100 images per month. If you are using fewer images in your blog then you can go for Free Version otherwise I recommend you to Premium plan.

And one thing is also to note that Free ShortPixel has limited features.

ShortPixel Plan Chart
ShortPixel Plans

At the present time, ShortPixel offering 11 plans in the following three Categories a)Monthly, b)One-Time and c)Dedicated Server. I would like you to choose any plan under One-Time Category. By the way, you can choose your own.

ShortPixel Analysis

Take a look at how useful ShortPixel is for your blog. I did a live test and I was surprised when I did. This test has been done from India on my WordPress Blog via Google Speed Checker Tool and my servers located in the U.S. During this test I compressed my 100 images with Free ShortPixel Version with the default setting. See the results below before and after the test:

ShortPixel Live Test
ShortPixel Live Test From Kolkata, India

ShortPixel Review: My Opinion

There is so much competition in blogging in recent times that we also have to pay attention to small things.

As I have already said, The speed of your Blog is a part of your Blog SEO. The more speed your blog has, the more you get to benefit in your Blog SEO. And ShortPixel comes true to my expectations. I would like you to Install this plugin right now.

Beginyaar Online do not favor ShortPixel as I have already said, this review is fully transparent. I really like the work of this plugin that’s why I am calling The Affordable Blog Speed Booster. I will give this Plugin 4.5 out of 5. How do you like The ShortPixel review, please tell me in the comment section.

Write your Opinion and ShortPixel Review in the comment section and Don’t forget to Subscribe and Share. If you have any doubts freely Contact Me.

ShortPixel Review With Live Test - BeginYaar Online

I am using ShortPixel on Beginyaar Online and it works according to my needs. I think every WordPress User should have ShortPixel.

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