Rank Math SEO Review

Do you want to know whether you should use Rank Math SEO Plugin or not?

Then you should read this post start to end. My claim is that after reading this Rank Math SEO review all your confusions will be removed.

Before any questions arise in your mind, I would like to tell you that I am using Rank Math SEO Plugin here. Before Rank Math Plugin, I used Yoast SEO for 3 months in BeginYaar.

I think you should know that I used Yoast SEO only for 3 months and now I am using Rank Math and probably I will keep using it. But Why?

To clear your concept, I want to cover a question that may come to your mind:

Why Rank Math SEO is Free?

When I downloaded this plugin, I was surprised to see Rank Math features. I started thinking how can someone give such a great Plugin for free! That’s why I contacted Rank Math SEO plugin team.

An hour after sending my message, I got an answer from Rank Math SEO team, which you can see in the screenshot below:


Ok, Now I am pretty sure they are planning for a Rank Math premium version. But don’t worry nothing from the free version will ever be removed and everything that is functional will remain as such according to their reply.

For more Information you can track their activities by checking Rank Math Roadmap.

Ok, Let’s read Rank Math SEO review:

Rank Math SEO Review: Feature Analysis

I would like to show you the Rank Math SEO features before taking any decision. Because of its features, we will know whether it is good or bad from SEO’s point of view. So, let’s see some key features of Rank Math:-

1. Easy To Use

The best part of Rank Math SEO is that it is very easy to use. If you are new to WordPress then it is very useful for you. You can set up your full site SEO in a few clicks.

Rank Math SEO usability

2. Five Focus Keyword Support

You can set up 5 focus keywords in your Posts and Pages. But there is no big deal, the great thing is that it is absolutely free. I don’t think there is any SEO plugin that allows you to set up 5 focus keywords free.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Review

3. All Search Engine Support

Supports all search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and more.

Rank Math SEO

4. Keyword Suggestion

You know better than me that you need to use SEO tools (Like- Ubbersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, etc.) for Keyword Research. But you do not know that Rank Math also does this. Rank Math SEO has a Keyword Suggestion feature where you can choose your keywords related to your articles or products.

Rank Math SEO KeyWord Suggestion

5. Seo analysis

You can optimize your posts and pages for Search Engine Ranking.

Rank Math SEO analysis

6. Site SEO Analysis

Site SEO Analysis feature is one one of the best feature in Rank Math SEO plugin. Rank Math will tell you What is mistakes and faults in your site SEO and Where you need to improve your site SEO.

Rank Math Site Analysis

7. Search Console Analysis

You don’t need to open Google Search Console every time. From Rank Math dashboard, You can do some basic works (Like- Site/blog traffic Analysis) of Google Search Console.

8. Local SEO and Knowledge Graph

You can Setup your Blog/Site Local SEO and Knowledge Graph from Rank Math. If you don’t have any idea about Local SEO and Knowledge Graph than tell me in the Comment Section.

Local SEO and Knowledge graph

9. Redirection Manager

If want to redirect your Old or Broken Posts and Page to other Posts and Pages then you don’t need to install any other plugin. Because Rank Math has Redirection Manager where you can manage and setup your redirections (Like- 404 error pages) easily.

Rank Math SEO redirection

10. Schema Markup

You know how important the Schema is nowadays. Everyone wants to use Schema Markup for their Blogs and Websites. Rank Math SEO does this work very easily.

schema markup

11. Sitemap

Rank Math allows you to manage your Sitemap from Rank Math Dashboard.


12. WooCommerce Compatible

If you are selling the product then Rank Math has Woocommerce feature.

woocommerce compatible

13. Import & Export

You can Import & Export data from Rank Math. Means, you have no risk to lose any data.

Data Import export

 14. Active Support Team

I love their Rank Math support team because they are super active. Just tell them your problems, they will give you a reply within 6-12 hours. Guaranteed!

Rank Math And Yoast Comparison (Free)

Let’s see some key differences between Rank Math SEO and SEO by Yoast:

FeaturesRank MathSEO By Yoast
Ease To UseYesYes
Focus Keyword5 Keyword1 Keyword
Schema MarkupYesNo
Local SEOYesNo
Keyword SuggestionYesNo

Rank Math SEO Review: My Opinion

Rank Math SEO is developed by MyThemeShop. Actually, MyThemeShop’s team knew that they are going to face Plugins (Like- Yoast, All In One,etc.) which are already well established. So MyThemeShop had to do better than their competitors. And for this reason, they must have worked very hard. Now, We can feel MyThemeShop’s hard work in Rank Math SEO plugin.

Please do not think that I favor this Rank Math. I am so appreciative in Rank Math because it is worth the compliment. The Rank Math plugin is highly recommended by Md Niyaz Hussain (Author), especially for WordPress beginners.

If you have any question related to Rank Math SEO plugin then please ask me in the comment section and also tell me how you liked the Rank Math SEO review.

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