Purpose Of Blogging

Purpose of blogging

I am very happy to see you reading this article. I have seen a lot of people who don’t know What Blogging is and starts a blog by spending a lot of money consequently they get failure. From my point of view, it is very important to know what is the origin of Blogging and Purpose Of Blogging. So let’s know What is blogging before starting your own blog.

Real Meaning Of Blogging

Sharing your experiences and your thoughts through the internet is called Blogging. Very simple, isn’t it? Just share your thoughts to others and make money. I think Blogging is the easiest way to earn money online.

As I have said “experience” and “thought” always remember these two words while Blogging. So that your attention never wanders from the origin of blogging. It is enough to know the meaning of Blogging. If you want to know more then you can read this Wikipedia article because I want to keep things simple here So that you don’t have any problem in understanding.

Let’s see how to you can get benefit from Blogging. Remember that, I have answered some frequently asked questions (like- How much money I can earn from Blogging?, How to create a Free blog, etc.) So don’t skip anything in this article.

Purpose Of Blogging

Well, there are a lot of uses of Blogging but all of these are squeezed into the following three categories.

1. Marketing Via Blogging

Without a doubt, Blogging is the most important and useful way for Marketing. So, how it is useful for Marketing?

Suppose you launched a new book for bloggers but you have to tell that what is available in your book. Because people will know about your product first then they will buy your product even though your product is very good.

In this condition, you will need to do Blogging. But still, there is a question that if I don’t have my own product then how will I do Marketing? No Problem you can do Affiliate Marketing. Big companies (like- Amazon, eBay) do not want to limit the proliferation of their products So they allow others to promote their products. They give commission for promoting their products.

It is known by Affiliate Marketing. I think 90% of bloggers are doing Affiliate Marketing at the present time. Also, I am one of them. You can read “My Income Source” article to understand How Affiliate Marketing helping me to earn money via Blogging.

2. Teaching Via Blogging

The second use of Blogging is Teaching. Yes! you can teach people through blogging. For example, you have a lot of information and knowledge about Fashion So you can help people by giving fashion tips. Now take my point, here at Beginyaar Online I am teaching you about Blogging. Simple! Just explore the information hidden inside you.

But the biggest question is how to earn money by Teaching someone through Blogging?

Simple! By using Google Adsense and affiliating only those products which are related to your niche. What is the meaning of ” related to the niche”? If you are teaching people how to make money online then you to promote products like Money Making Apps, Bitcoin, etc.

Check 3 famous blogs become a millionaire by Teaching people:-

TheBondSalad, SmashingMagazine, ABeautifulMess

3. Portfolio Blog

Basically, Portfolio blogs are using by Celebrities, FreeLancers, etc. The main thing is if you want to promote yourself, your works, then you can go for a Portfolio blog. For example, you are a Freelancer and you want to show people your previous and recent works, so someone asks you to do their job.

I think Portfolio bloggers don’t need to add Google Ads or Promoting other products because they are promoting their own works. By the way, there are no restrictions for adding Google Ads or doing Affiliate Marketing in portfolio blog.

That’s it. Now decide Which niche is suitable for you.

FAQs About Blogging

As I promised, here I am including some important Questions on the Purpose of Blogging guide:

How do I start a free Blog?

Making a free blog is so easy. Definitely, you know about Blogger.com. You can create your own blog here without investing money. Read below Guide step by Step:

How to create a Blogspot Blog?

Is WordPress beginners friendly or not?

Did You know WordPress is the most popular Blogging platform globally? WordPress powering 18% of the most popular blogs and websites. Without a doubt, WordPress is 100% beginners friendly. Surprisingly here at Beginyaar Online, I am showing how you can use WordPress as a beginner. 
Must be remembered, WordPress is free and self-hosted, but you need to buy Web-Hosting and Domain name.

Can I generate an extra $1000 from Blogging?

Definitely! You can earn extra 1000 bucks from Blogging even you can use Blogging as your main Income Source.

Check World’s richest bloggers Who are successfully running their blogs (you will redirect to another site):
The Million Dollar Bloggers

Final Words: Purpose Of Blogging

I believe that you read the Purpose Of Blogging guide carefully. These are some basic pieces of information, I think every beginner should know these things.

Take a look at what we read:

  1. What Is Blogging?
  2. Purpose of Blogging
  3. How to earn money via Blogging?

Just keep all the above points in your mind and let’s start your own Blog by clicking below link:

Create SEO friendly WordPress blog

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