Set up WordPress Themes: Install And Active WordPress Theme (3 Methods)

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By the way, set up WordPress Themes is not a difficult process, you can Install and Active WordPress Theme in just one or two minutes but as a beginner, you must know the whole process.

Overview of all the steps in this guide:-

  • Install Theme via WordPress Theme Directory
  • Manually Install WordPress Theme
  • Upload and Install Theme via cPanel
  • Delete WordPress Theme via Directory
  • Delete Themes through cPanel

Warning- Don’t change your WordPress Theme without Theme backup if you are an existing blogger. Because changing your blog Theme can affect your blog functions, Plugins, Google Adsense and etc. We can not take any risk. Click on Below Link and Read full article:

Things you need to do before changing WordPress Theme

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Install And Active WordPress Theme

You can set up WordPress Themes via the WordPress Themes Directory. Just go to your WordPress Dashboard and Click on Appearance then click on Themes.

WordPress Appearence Option

After that you need to Click on Add New button (look at the top).

WordPress Add New Theme

Now, you are in the Theme Filter and Search section. Here you can filter themes by Features, Popularity, Layout and Many more. Select features according to your choice. After that, you need to type keywords or names in the search box.

WordPress Theme Filter

Ok, now you can see Themes based on your filter.  In below screenshot notice that Astra theme comes from my search because I was searched for Astra. Now, simply click on Install.

WordPress Theme Search Result

After Install click on Activate button.

That’s It. You have Successfully Install and Active WordPress Theme.

Do Remember, some of the WordPress themes need specific plugins for work properly. You need to Install all those Plugins.

Manually Set Up WordPress Themes

The above method only allows you to Install and Active themes via WordPress Theme Store or Directory. But not everyone set up WordPress  Themes via directory because the above method doesn’t allow to upload Premium themes or third party Website themes. In this case, we need to Install Themes in another way.

So, lets see how to Upload and Install third party themes in WordPress.

At first, navigate to Appearance> Themes> Add New. Next, Click on the Upload Theme button.

manually set up wordpress themes

On the next screen, Click on Choose File option and you will be redirected to your Local files.  Then select your Theme .zip file that you have already downloaded. After selecting click on Install Now button.

WordPress Theme Install

Once your theme is installed, click on the Activate button. That’s It. You have successfully Install and Active WordPress theme.

 Install WordPress Theme Via Cpanel

We can Install Themes via cPanel also. But I think the above two methods are enough. If you are a beginner don’t try this method because it’s a not good idea to take risks right now. But you can read it for the future. Anyway, I am one of them who did not get any benefit from this method.

Let’s see how to Install WordPress Theme via cPanel:

cPanel File Manager

At first, you need to Login to your cPanel. After that, go to File Manager> public_html> wp_content> themes directory. Now you can see all the themes that you have been previously Installed.

Theme Upload via Cpanel

Now, click on the Upload button. On the next screen, click on Upload File and select your .zip file.

Upload WordPress Theme Via Cpanel

Next, go back to your Theme directory. Find and Select Theme than do Right Click on the mouse and click on Extract option.

After extracting Theme, Log out from cPanel and Login to your WordPress Dashboard.  Navigate to Appearance> Themes. Find your Theme that you have Installed a few moments ago from cPanel. Click on Active button.

That’s it, you have successfully Setup WordPress Theme.

Delete WordPress Themes

If you want to Delete any theme from the WordPress Dashboard. Just navigate Appearence> Themes and find which one you want to delete. Do remember, you can’t delete live Theme means which one Activated on your Blog. Only delete Deactivated Themes.

WordPress Themes Collection

After finding Click on Theme Details  (don’t click on Active button). On the next screen, click on Delete (look at bottom-right corner).

WordPress Theme Delete

Delete WordPress Theme Via cPanel

Also, you can Delete Themes via cPanel. Just Login to your cPanel and navigate File Manager> public_html> wp_content> Themes. Now Select Theme which one you want to delete. Don’t try to delete your Live Theme forcefully.  

Delete WordPress Theme Via cPanel

After selecting do Right Click and Click on Delete.

Set Up WordPress Themes: Final Words

I hope now you can set up WordPress Themes properly. One thing always remembers that Themes are playing an effective role in Blogs or Websites.

So, please always choose Seo Friendly Themes. I have an article for best free WordPress Themes, you can check right now.

Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

If you have any questions you can freely Ask Me and Obviously you can write comment.

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