The WordPress Guide For Beginners

Are you looking to create a WordPress blog or Website but, don’t know where to begin? 🤔

Don’t worry this post is going to be your best resource. I will explain about those topics, that you must know as a beginner.

Welcome to The Complete WordPress guide for beginners.

Before we start, you can read the below article where I explained What is Blogging and Why we need to do Blogging. (5 min Read)

Purpose Of Blogging In 2020

Overview of all the steps in this WordPress guide:

✅Create a WordPress Blog

✅Buy Web Hosting with free Domain

✅Some Important Changes

✅Install Themes and Plugins

✅SEO and Security Tips

Give me your 20 minutes, I will teach you in this guide How to create a WordPress blog like a pro.

create a wordpress blog

WordPress is the most Popular CMS at the Present Time. Aproximately 33% of popular sites are hosted on WordPress.

Create A WordPress Blog

1.Buy Domain And Web-Hosting

Ok in the First Step you must have two things to create a WordPress blog, a Domain name, and Hosting. Without Hosting and Domain, you can’t run your WordPress blog.

  • Domain- Your blog name (for example,, etc).
  • Hosting- Where your data stored ( for instance Photos, Posts, etc.)

In simple word Hosting is Brain and Domain is soul.

You can buy a Domain as per your choice. I personally recommend you, go for Bluehost . Because WordPress officially recommended for Bluehost. In fact, they are offering hosting and domain together. Plus Free SSL Certificate and One Click WordPress Installation with unlimited Storage and Sub-Domains. Price- $3.5/month. According to their Prime Plan. Just Amazing!

If you don’t know how to Signup and Setup Bluehost for WordPress blog.

Click on below-mentioned guide and you will be able to do in 3 minutes:

How To SetUp Web-Hosting In Bluehost (Step by Step)?

Do remember, when you choose your Domain name. Do it carefully. A domain name should be related to your blog niche and easy to remember.

Ok, now click on below link and Buy (discount included)-

Sign Up For Bluehost

2.Install WordPress On cPanel

After that, you need to install WordPress on your hosting account that you created with Bluehost. If you don’t know how to do it, Just follow this guide step by step( So easy Process):-

How to install WordPress on Bluehost?

Ok, I hope you have completed all of the above processes and Installed WordPress on Bluehost Cpanel.

Now you can log in to your Dashboard. Some of the beginners are can’t Understand how to work with it. If you are one of them, you can read the below article. But, not at this time save as a bookmark.

Explore WordPress Dashboard

3.Change Default WordPress Settings

After that, you have to do some important work with your Dashboard. Beginyaar Online highly recommend to every beginner to do this changes Immediately after WordPress Installation. It will make a huge difference and help you to protect your blog or site from hackers. So, What are the changes?

  • Delete your all default Posts and Pages from your blog
  • Change your all setting (Timezone, Comments, etc).
  • Disable directory browsing of WordPress blog
  • Setup Permalink for better Seo

Congratulations, you have successfully created 98% your blog. But there is nothing in your blog it seems empty. So let’s go to our next step and fill up your Blog.

4.Setup Themes And Plugins

Now we are in our last step in WordPress blog creation for a beginner. In this step, you need to change Themes and Plugins on your blog. As a beginner, if you don’t know how to set up these things. Follow the step by step guide ( 5 minutes):

Install And Active WordPress Themes

Setup WordPress Plugins

Ok, Now you, re able to change Themes and Plugins. Choose a theme as per your choice for your WordPress blog.

Check Some Free WordPress Theme:

Best Free WordPress Themes

After, Theme selection you need to add Google Analytics. This is very important. This will help you to track your traffic on your WordPress blog. This tutorial will help you to set up Google Analytics (Tutorial Upcoming).

5.Protect And Speed Up

Now, you must have some plugins for Speed Up and protect your site from hackers. All of the below-mentioned plugins you need to Install and Activate on your Blog:

✅The Plugin Contact Form 7– will help to add your Contact Form on your site.

SnapSocial– is for beautiful Social Sharing Button, Floating Buttons and may more, Read Review.

Akismet Plugin– will help you to protect your site from hackers (How to set up Akismet Plugin?).

Wp Super Cache– is a speed booster. Will help you to delete your Cache data (How to setup Wp Super Cache plugin)

Rank Math SEO– Just amazing! It will help you to a higher rank in Google, Bing and everywhere you want. Everyone should have Rank Math for better SEO (Highly recommended for all level Blogger’s), Setup Here. If you want to create a WordPress blog and without Rank Math, it’s not a good idea.

All of the above-mentioned Plugins are highly recommended by me. I personally use all the plugins on my site.

Check Free SEO tips for your blog:

SEO tips for WordPress Beginners

Top Keyword Planner Tools

Congratulations, you have successfully created a WordPress blog with The Ultimate WordPress Guide.

Conclusion: WordPress Guide For Beginners

As a beginner, Oops sorry! 😉 you are not a beginner. Now, you are a complete Blogger because all the above topics are enough to create a WordPress blog properly.

Write your first Article and Publish it onto your Blog.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my WordPress Blog, because I am nothing without you. This is also true.

If you want to ask me something then Please use my comment section below. And If You want to know about the writer of Ultimate WordPress Guide then please read About Me.

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