Create A Free Blog On Blogspot & Make Money

If you want to create a free blog on Blogspot and want to make money from Blogspot, then you came to the right place.

Here I will tell you how to Start a Blogspot blog for free with proper Blogspot setting, besides, I will give you some tricks which will help you make money from Blogspot very fast.

When creating a Blogspot blog, the biggest thing is that often beginners make mistakes, as a result, they fail somewhere. Like weak Blogspot Blog structure or faults in Blogspot setting. It is very important to read this guide in order to improve all these small mistakes

Well, creating a free blog on Blogspot is an easy task but making a Professional Blogspot blog is a bit difficult. But you do not need to panic because I have also given down a PDF file where I have mentioned how to create a blog on Blogspot Blogging Platform (with Picture).

Advantages Of Blogspot Blog:

  • Free Of Cost– Blogspot is totally free. If you don’t have the money yet and want to start your own blog then there is no option better than Blogspot.
  • Easy To Use– Blogspot is super easy to use and this thing makes Blogspot unique and beginner friendly.
  • Trustable– As I said, Blogspot or is owned by Google, so there is no reason to worry about the privacy of your Blog.
  • Easy To Monetize– Another important thing about the Blogspot is that you can start Adsense from Blogspot Dashboard.

Before Starting, I would like to tell you few words about Blogspot, so that your concept is cleared.

Blogspot was developed by Pyra Labs and in 2003 Blogspot was bought by Google Inc. Blogspot is a blogging platform as well as a hosting platform. This means that if you create a free blog on Blogspot, you do not have to worry about the speed or storage of your Blog.

I think Blogspot is very helpful for beginners. Because You do not have to invest money in it. So, there is no possibility of any financial loss. The biggest thing is that you get a lot of knowledge about Blogging from Blogspot for free.

However, some people said that Blogspot is not good for blogging but I do not fully agree with this. If someone does not have money, what will he do?

I think, 90% of bloggers Start Blogging from Blogspot and then they export their blogs from Blogspot blogging platform to other blogging platforms (Like- WordPress, Joomla, etc.).

How To Start a WordPress Blog?

Therefore, do not worry about what people say about Blogspot.

Let’s Create A Free Blog On Blogspot

1. Create A Blogspot Account

To create a free blog on Blogspot, go to from your browser. After that, click on “CREATE YOUR BLOG

If you want to create a Blogspot blog right now, then open a new tab in your browser. After opening the New Tab, go to and create your blog along with this guide.

Create a free blog on blogspot

Now, Enter your Email ID and Click on “Next”.

Do remember, Blogspot only support Gmail Accounts. So if you have not created a Gmail account yet, create it now for free.

create a blogspot account

After entering your Email ID, now enter your Gmail Password and Click on “Next”.

Enter Blogspot password

That’s it, Your Blogspot account has been created successfully. Now is the time to move on the next step.

2. Write Profile Name

Next, Type your profile name. Please mention your original name here. Because It will appear in the author box on your Blogspot blog.

Blogspot blog profile name

3. Create A New Blog

Wow! After making Blogspot blog author box, now we are redirected in the Create New Blog page. Click on “CREATE NEW BLOG“.

Create a new blog on blogspot

On the next screen,

  • Enter your Blogspot blog Title (Like- Google, Beginyaar Online, etc.)
  • Enter the domain name (See below image)
  • Choose your blog Theme
Blogspot blog title and domain

After choosing your Blogspot blog theme, an advertisement page will appear on the screen (Same as below Image). We have nothing to do here at this time. Just click on “No Thanks”.

Blogspot domain advertisement

Note that, you can add third-party domain name on Blogspot blog. I will mention this topic in my upcoming articles because I want to keep things simple here for you.

4. Write Blog Description

Here’s important work we need to do with our Blogspot setting. You might have noticed, when we do some searches on Google, the sites come with a little description that comes in search results (see below image).

Write blospot blog description

This is only happening for the Blog Description feature. So let’s write a description for your Blogspot blog. Navigate to Setting>>Search preferences>>Description and then click on “Edit”

Blogspot search preferences

Next, on the screen, Click on “Yes” and now write a good description for your blog. Blog description is very important and you know that, so write down the description with a little attention.

attractive blog description

I hope you have written a beautiful blog description for your Blogspot blog.

That’s it, you have successfully created a free blog on Blogspot but you need to change your Blogspot setting that will help you rank better in Google search. You do not need to make mistakes that everyone does and I will not even let you do that. Because you are reading How to create a free blog on Blogspot in Beginyaar Online.

I am joking!

Now, time to set up advance Blogspot Setting after creating a Blogspot blog.

5. Advance Blogspot Setting: Set Up A Favicon

Do you know What is Favicon? You probably do not know, maybe even know. If you know that is a good thing and if you do not see the image below:

essential blogspot setting

At this time you need to Upload a Favicon on your blog. At first, Click on Layout and then Click on Favicon.

Blogspot blog favicon

On the next screen, now you can upload your Blogspot blog favicon. Just click on “Choose file” and select your Favicon. After that click on “Save”.

Upload blogspot blog favicon

That’s it. Don’t forget to click on “Save arrangement” (Top right corner).

Here at Beginyaar Online, I used the Pixelab Android App to create my Favicon and Logo. You should try this. It’s amazing! If you are an android user, you can find it on the Google Play Store.

Almost you have created a Blogspot blog. Now you need to Upload your Blog logo. Navigate to Layout>>Header.

Blogspot blog logo

Next, click on Choose File and select your logo. Optionally you can use an image from URL.

Please note, there is also a blog description option but we have already discussed Blog Description. Actually, this description is different from the first one. This is working like Tagline (For example, “Extremely Helpful For Bloggers ” is the tagline of Beginyaar Online).

So, you need to write an attractive Tagline for your Blogspot Blog.

upload blogspot blog logo

Ok, don’t forget to click on “Save arrangement”. Otherwise, it will not save anything.

7. Set Up Your Time Zone

Next, set up your Time Zone. Just click on “Language and formatting” and then click on the Time Zone.

I am an Indian so I choose India’s Standard Time (See below Image). If you are from the USA, then you need to set up the American time zone

set up time zone in blogspot setting

Please note, if you not set the proper Time Zone, your Blogspot posts or pages may appear with wrong date and time.

8. Create Important Pages

Let’s create the following three important pages 1. About Us, 2. Disclaimer, 3. Privacy Policy. Click on “Pages” on the dashboard after that, click on “New Page” (See below image).

create important blog pages

In About Us page, write about yourself or your company (Like- Who are you?, How can you help your visitors?). On the other hand, you need to write about Blog Disclaimer and Visitors Privacy. If you do not have the time then you can make these two pages with the help of Websites. Just search on google by “Privacy Policy Generator” or “Disclaimer Generator”.

9. Write Your First Blog Post

Oh my God! You have successfully created your Blogspot blog. Now is the time to write your First Blog Post. Navigate to Posts>>Create a new post. Now click on Create a new post.

write first blog post on blogspot

So far, we created a blog in Blogspot, did its settings well. But now the time to make money from Blogspot. So don’t go anywhere, keep reading friend, keep reading. Because now money is going to rain.

Ok, now we have a blog and we want to make money from Blogspot blog. But before we move on the next step, I would like you to check your Blogspot setting again for better results and for this you may take 5 minutes.

10. Adsense Setting: Make Money From Blogspot

10.1. Sign Up For Adsense

Perhaps you know that 90% of bloggers make money from Blogspot through Google Adsense. Adsense is an advertising company, placing ads on websites and blogs. It is totally free.

You have to show Google ads to your visitors so that you can make money from Blogspot blog. This will happen only when you submit an application to Adsense. To submit the Application, you must sign up at Google Adsense.

Before signing up on Adsense, you must follow Google Adsense Guidelines.

Ok, As you can see in the below image, I am not qualified according to Google Adsense Guidelines because I have recently created this blog. It may happen to you as well but there is no reason to worry. It’s not a big deal, it happens on all new blogs.

As I promised, I will tell you how to make money from Blogspot and how to set up Adsense to a Blogspot blog.

However, click on on “Earning”. After clicking on Earning now click on “HOW TO QUALIFY FOR FOR ADSENSE”.

make money from blogspot

On the next screen, click on “Sign up for Adsense”.

blogspot and google adsense

10.2. Set Up Adsense: Make Money From Blogspot

Next, on the screen, Enter your Blog URL, your Email address and press the “Save and Continue” button.

As I said, my blog is not yet qualified, so I have taken all these screenshots from another blog.

set up adsense with blogspot blog

After that, select your country name and scroll down.

Google ads setting

Now, Accept Google Adsense Terms and Conditions by checking the box and click on “CREATE ACCOUNT” button.

google ads terms

In this step, you need to enter your all original details (Like- Name, Address, Pin Code). You can find this option under Payments option also. Now, Click on “Submit”

set up google adsense payment details

After submitting, you will be redirected to another page (same as below image). In this page, you need to copy the script that is given by Adsense (look at below screenshot).

copy google adsene script

After copying the Script, go to your Blogspot blog dashboard and navigate to Theme>>Edit HTML. Now you have to paste the script between <head> and </head> tag. It’s a little technical, so you should look at the image below.

paste google adsense script to blogspot

That’s it. Now go to your Adsense account and check on “I’ve pasted the code into my site”. Next click on the “Done” button. It will report in your Email Inbox within 3 days whether your blog is eligible or not. That’s it.

Create Blogspot Blog By Watching Video

If you like to learn this article by watching Youtube video, Click on Below (Video by Lashay Hudson)


I hope you have successfully completed the guide Create A Free Blog On Blogspot with advance Blogspot setting. Now only focus on your blog contents. Try to make every article unique and useful for your visitors. Also, this will help you get Google Adsense approval as soon as possible.

If you want to make money from Blogspot quickly, Stay active in more and more Social Sites (Like-Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.). It will help you to boost your blog traffic and more traffic means a lot of money.


  • Create Blogspot Account
  • Write Blogspot Profile Name
  • Create a New Blog
  • Think attractive Blog Description
  • Advance Blogspot setting
  • Set Up Adsense account for Blogspot

And yes, the PDF file that I’ve given below, it’s going to work very well. Also, you can bookmark this page because I am updating this guide from time to time.

I want to conclude this article here. If you have any question about Blogspot setting or make money from Blogspot part or if you have any suggestion then please contact me or you can comment in the comment section below.

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