Best Web Hosting in Nepal

Some users have emailed me asking what is the best Web Hosting in Nepal (Asia). So I thought I would write an article related to it.

Note that, I am Indian and my visitors mostly come from the US, Canada, and India, so I have taken my hosting from another company. My blog Server is located in the US.

What will you do if most of your visitors are from Nepal?

Obviously you would like to keep your server location in Nepal. Because this will give more speed to your visitors and this is what everyone wants their visitors to gain as much momentum as possible.  

As I said, this is for Nepal, if you are from another country, I would like you to read the article below:

Best International Web-Hosting

I would love to answer a question before recommending a web hosting service in Nepal.

Question:- What Is Web-Hosting?

Answer:- Just like you save a file in your mobile or computer, Similarly when you create a website or blog, you need a file manager. Where the content (Like-Images, Videos, etc.) of your website is stored and it is called Web-Hosting. That’s It!

Best Web Hosting in Nepal

Now come to the point, here we are talking about the best web hosting service in Nepal. I did a lot of research before writing this article, then I made a decision.

There are many web hosting companies in Nepal but the one I liked the most is AGM Web-Hosting.

If you are wondering why I like AGM Web-Hosting then you should know about its features, price, and plans.

Best Web Hosting in Nepal

AGM Web-Hosting Features:

AGM Web Hosting Service has many features but some of these are common which are available in all plans.

Common Features:-

  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Sub-Domain
  • Unlimited E-mail Account
  • Free Backup
  • Live Chat Support

Whichever plan you buy from AGM Web Hosting, you will get the above features in each plan. And this is enough to surprise everyone.

Right now if you have a question about bandwidth in your mind, then I would like to say that it depends on your plans.

So let’s know about some of its plans and prices.

Buy Web Hosting For Nepal

AGM Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

AGM Web Hosting has 10+ plans, Here I cannot tell about all the plans, so I have chosen 3 schemes, which is good for starting a website or blog.

PlansStartupSingle DomainMulti-Domain
Price699 NPR*/Year999 NPR*/Year699 NPR*/Month
Space500 MB3 GB5 GB
Bandwidth5 GB30 GB50 GB
Ecommerce ReadyNoNoYes

*NPR – Nepalese Rupee

Now you have to choose which plan will be better for you. If you ask me, I would say that if you are building a new website or if your traffic is initially expected to be low, then go for an AGM Startup Linux Hosting plan.

Otherwise, you can go to other plans. To Buy AGM Web Hosting Click On the Below Link:

Buy AGM Web Hosting

My Opinion: Web Hosting In Nepal

I found AGM Web Hosting to be the best Web Hosting for Nepal as this company is located in Nepal. Because it has many benefits such as you will get more speed and you can speak in your language if you need any help from their customer service.

Note That, AGM Web Hosting  is not just for Nepal, you can use it to create a website in any country of the world (Like-USA, India, UK, etc.)

If you want to buy web hosting in Nepal then I would recommend AGM Web Hosting to you.

I would like to know your opinion about AGM Web Hosting, so please use the comments section below. And if you are already using AGM Hosting, then please share your experience in the comment section.

AGM Web Hosting Review

If you’re serious about your business and want to get hosted with only the best web hosting in Nepal, I recommend getting AGM Web Hosting to help you make the most on your business.

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