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Michael Corleone (whilst channeling Sun Tzu) taught the importance of keeping your enemies close. This is a lesson that marketers need to embody as they approach PPC advertising. Many professionals view it as a mandatory step in the process and not as an optional strategy. So, here I am going to show you 4 tools that will help you to analyze PPC competition brilliantly.

By studying the competition, pay per click advertisers gain a clear view of the playing field they are on. This allows them to identify opportunities in the market and secure more wins and fewer losses.

Considering the importance of analyzing your PPC competition, it’s crucial to explore some of the tools that you can use to gain deeper insight into what your PPC competitors are doing.

Why do you need to analyze PPC competition?

Understanding the competition is important for all dimensions of marketing. In PPC marketing, however, what your competition is doing can directly impact the performance of your own strategies.

There’s a number of reasons why analyzing the PPC competition is important:

1. Inspiration: Mark Twain said, “There is no such thing as a new idea.” What he meant was that no idea comes out of absolutely nothing. It is always shaped and inspired by older ideas.

This is very true when it comes to marketing. By analyzing the competition and studying their landing pages and ad copy, you can come up with some fresh spins on the ideas that will help elevate your own PPC campaigns.

2. Bid Optimization: PPC ad positions are determined through an auction. How your competitors are bidding on keywords affects your own strategies and shapes much you need to spend on the same keywords.

By investigating how these competitors are bidding, you can make smarter decisions in the PPC marketplace that allow your budget to stretch further.

3. Unique Offers: You want to stand out from the competition. And, you want to offer something that potential customers can’t find elsewhere. This refers to a commonly used marketing term known as the unique selling point.

In terms of PPC, it isn’t always easy to highlight the right selling point. But, by analyzing the competition and seeing what offers they are making, you can counter strategize and find a unique angle. Customers looking for this specific quality will be more likely to click and convert.

If you ignore the competition, it’s going to be much harder to succeed. Remember, your competitors are probably analyzing your PPC strategies too!

Best Tools To Analyze PPC Competition

With the importance of analyzing competitors established, it is now time to explore the various tools and solutions available to PPC marketers that help make studying the competition easier and more worthwhile.

1. Spyfu

Spyfu is one of the best tool to analyze PPC competition. It has both a paid and free version. The reason that many marketers use this tool is that even the free version has many beneficial features.

Spyfu tools to analyze ppc competition

For instance, you can see specific keywords that a competitor is targeting and how often they are winning bids for those keywords. Again, this information can guide your own bidding strategies.

You can also see actual ads that your competitors have used in recent weeks, which is great for finding inspiration and constructing your own value proposition.

The tool is very straightforward to use. Once you enter a competitor’s website, Spyfu quickly finds data about their estimated ad budget, how many clicks they are receiving, what ad copy they are using and much, much more.

The paid version does all of this and goes into much greater detail, especially into competitors’ historical PPC data.

2. iSpionage

This tool works a lot like Spyfu. The process is identical: you enter a URL and iSpionage returns a boatload of information about their PPC strategies, including how many ads they are running, how their keywords are organized into ad groups, what keywords they are bidding on, etc.

analyze ppc competition

iSpionage uses a “proprietary keyword effectiveness index” to rate which keywords the tool thinks present the biggest opportunities. This makes it really easy to identify potential gaps in how competitors are structuring their bids. These gaps present big opportunities for marketers savvy enough to identify them in time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on Google, Yahoo or Bing. iSpionage returns data on all major PPC platforms. It has a paid and free version, just like Spyfu.

3. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is not exclusively a PPC tool. It is designed as a broader research tool that allows you to explore how your competitors approach marketing. It gathers information on a competitor’s audience demographics, marketing mix, where their website traffic comes from, their position in the market and more.

These are valuable insights that can be applied to the PPC environment. Often, this information carries over to how they approach paid search advertising. You may be able to carve a unique space for yourself by marketing to untapped audience segments.

What’s particularly nice about SimilarWeb is that you can compare multiple competitors at the same time. This really gives you a clear idea of how your competitors match up to one another.

4. Campaign Watch

If your competitors are good, then they are changing their PPC strategies often, maybe even daily. Wouldn’t it be great if you could be alerted every time a competitor makes a major campaign change or starts publishing a new ad? That’s what Campaign Watch promises. The company claims that it is like “having your competitors report their marketing strategy to you first thing every morning.”

Not bad, right?

The tool allows for easy tracking of competitors in terms of their search visibility, average position on results pages, new ad copy examples, and landing pages, how much they are spending, market share, etc. You can even filter by device type (desktop or mobile).

It’s an important tool for marketers that really want to stay completely on top of their competitors. Keep your enemies closer, right?

Conclusion: Tools To Analyze PPC Competition

These tools are great at providing glimpses into the competition’s playbook, but it’s important to always question the accuracy of their findings. No matter how sophisticated a tool promises to be, it does not have direct access to your competitors’ data.

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Competitive analysis tools work by gathering available information, analyzing it and recognizing signals that suggest potential trends and strategies. Simply put, analyze your competition, but do so with a little bit of scrutiny for the findings.

Ok, Thanks for reading my article. Let me know If you have any doubts related to this article. If you are already using the above tools to Analyze PPC Competition then please share your experience in the comment section.

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