Install And Active WordPress Plugins Manually

Do you want to know How to Install and Active WordPress plugins manually?

In the WordPress blog, Plugins are working as an energy booster. Without plugins, managing a WordPress Blog is a quite difficult task and from my point of view, it is nearly impossible.

You can’t rank your Blog or Website on Google’s first page without plugins. I think, now you can understand the importance of WordPress Plugins.

So, in this guide, I am going to show you how to install and Active WordPress Plugins Manually.

 Before start, I recommend you to read below guides, which will help you to create a WordPress Blog.

Set  Up WordPress Plugin

We can set up WordPress Plugins via 1) WordPress Plugin Directory, 2) WordPress Dashboard Upload Option, 3) cPanel and 4) Ftp. Here I am covering only the first three methods. Because cPanel and Ftp methods are approximately the same.

But if you want to Install WordPress Plugins via Ftp, you will have to Install Ftp Software first. However, if you are eager to know the whole Ftp process then let me know in the Comment section.

1. Install And Active WordPress Plugins Via Directory

As I have said in the above paragraph, You can Install Plugins via the WordPress Admin Dashboard. From my point of view, it is the easiest method and suitable for WordPress Beginners.

At first, you need to Login your WordPress Dashboard. After that, navigate to Plugins>> Add New. See below screenshot:

Upload And Active WordPress Plugin

Next, on the screen, you can filter or you can search Plugins according to your need. In below screenshot, I was searched for Wp Super Cache and you can see the result.

Search WordPress PLugins

Now, click on Install Button and wait. Then, hit the Activate button. That’s it. You have successfully Installed WordPress Plugin.

Activate WordPress plugins

Now we are going to Second method.

2. Upload Plugin Via WordPress  Dashboard

If you have already downloaded Premium Plugin (.zip file) from Third Party websites, you can use this method. This is also as simple as the first method. In this process, you need to navigate Plugins>>Add New. After that, click on Upload.

Upload Plugin via Dashboard

Next, on the screen Click on Browse and select your Plugin’s .zip file that you have already downloaded. Next, Click on the Install Now button.

Browse WordPress Plugins

After Installing, Activate your Plugin by clicking on Activate button. See below Screenshot:

Upload WordPress Plugin and activate

Now, we are going to the third and last trick.

3. Upload And Active WordPress Plugins Manually

Also, you can upload and install plugins via cPanel. There are no extra benefits to this method. Here at Beginyaar Online, I am always avoiding this method and never upload Plugins or Themes via cPanel. Anyway, we need to know everything because we are human. So let’s start:

At first, go to your cPanel and navigate to File Manager>> public_html>> wp-content. After that, click on Plugins. See below Screenshot:

active WordPress Plugins manually

On the next screen, you can see all of your Plugins that you previously downloaded onto your Blog. Now, click on Upload logo (this option can also be on the top-left of your cPanel).

Upload WordPress Plugin Via Cpanel

After clicking on Upload, now Select your Plugin’s .zip file and click on Upload. Note that, the Upload process can automatically start after selecting the .zip file in your cPanel.

manually upload wordpress plugin via cpanel

Now, go back to plugins and find that you uploaded. Then select the Plugin and click on Extract

Complete upload WordPress Plugin

After extracting, Log out from your cPanel and go to your WordPress Dashboard and find your plugin by navigating Plugins>> Installed Plugins and Activate.

Final Words

All of the above tricks are safe and I personally use those methods. So, there is no reason to worry. But, before install and active WordPress plugins, do check When the particular plugin was last updated and obviously don’t forget to check Plugin reviews. Install only recently updated plugins. Take a look What read in this article:

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  3. Upload and Install WordPress plugin via cPanel

If you have any doubts freely Contact Me. Don’t forget to comment and help me by Subscribing Beginyaar Online Community.

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