Basic SEO Tips: Achieve Rank One On Google

I am very happy to see you in this article and I can believe that you are hereafter creating your Own Blog.

Here I will give you some basic SEO tips and trust me if you have a blog or a Website definitely it will help you to rank in Google.

Achieving rank on Google’s first page is a bit difficult but not an impossible task. Do remember, Don’t try to rank on Google overnight it is quite difficult and near to impossible.

Here at Beginyaar Online, I will show you some basic SEO tips that work smoothly.

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Basic SEO Tips For Beginners

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Only SEO can rank higher your Blog or Website on Google.

Definitely, you noticed that when you search in Google for something (Like- How To Buy Web Hosting?, Beginyaar Guide and etc.) Google showing you a lot of Websites and Blogs.

It is only happening for SEO. You don’t have to pay for this. So let’s start-

1. Check Site Visibility

WordPress Site Visibility Basic SEO tips

When your Blog or Website set up completed then you need to check your site visibility. In the WordPress Dashboard, there is an option available named Reading under Setting option.

Just Scroll down you can see Search Engine Visibility, Sometimes this option can get checked accidentally.

If you checked this option, means you are hiding your Blog or Site from Google Search.

So, Make sure Discourage Search Engines From Indexing option is Unchecked.

2. Permalink Structure

WordPress Permalink Setup

Permalinks are playing a major role according to SEO point of view. Permalink means your Post or Page Url. So, you need to set up SEO friendly Permalink Structure.

See the difference between Non-SEO and SEO friendly Permalinks

Non SEO friendly Permalink:-

SEO friendly Permalink:-

So, don’t finish your Post or Page Permalinks with numbers or ABCDE, it can harm your blog SEO. Google doesn’t like this type of Permalinks.

Go to Setting and then Click On Permalink and Check Post Name.

3. Create Sitemap And Submit

A sitemap is another important part of SEO. Sitemap means your Blog or Site map. Sitemaps don’t help you to increase rank on Google but you can’t rank better without it. It will help Google to find your Posts and Pages easily.

The main thing is If you have a Blog, you must have Sitemap.

You can create Sitemap manually but it is a bit difficult for beginners. There are many plugins available in the WordPress Plugin Store.

You can create your Sitemap easily. Here at Beginyaar Online, I am using Rank Math.

After creating Sitemap you need to Submit on Google Search Console Or Bing Webmaster Tool whatever you want.

4. SEO Title And Meta Description

I have seen a lot of beginners going to create posts immediately after creating a Blog or Website. I am one of them when I was a beginner I have done the same thing.

That time I was totally lost my control over my excitement and I was posted a lot of content.

But a few times later I realize my faults. You need to do keyword research before choose your Post or Page Title and Meta Description.

As a beginner if you want to keep things simple I recommend you to Install and Active Rank Math SEO Plugin, they will help you to write SEO friendly Title and Description.

5. Use Alt Image Text

Image Alt Text

I know that  90% of newbies don’t know What is Alt Image Text and not only beginners many experienced Bloggers don’t know about this.

Using Alt Text in images very important for better Google Search Ranking Or Bing Search Ranking. Definitely, you noticed that when you search in Google for Images, a Google Page opens with thousands of Images in your browser.

Alt Text is the thing behind these Images. By the way, if you are not using  Alt Text in your images now time to change. Start using Alt Text in images.

Bonus SEO Tips

All the above tips are mandatory for a beginner. You need to follow all the above topics strictly but one thing must be remembered that content is the king whether you are a Beginner or a Blogging expert. Google likes only high quality and unique contents. Don’t copy and paste, explain your own thoughts and write your articles in simple language.

Take a look at what we read in Basic SEO Tips article-

  • Check Site Visibility,
  • Create SEO friendly Permalink,
  • Create Sitemap and Submit to Search Console,
  • Write SEO friendly Title and Description,
  • Use Alt Image Text

If you have any question or doubt about above Basic SEO Tips then please write in the comment box.


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