5 Real Ways To Earn Money Online

Do you bother to earn money?

If yes, then I can feel your pain. Oh God! it hurts so much.

But I claim that from today your pain will subside, on the condition that you have to follow my Tips.

In this article, I am going to tell you five real ways to earn money online that can change your life.

Note that, personally I believe in permanent money-making solutions, so don’t expect a money-making app or survey app from this article. If you are finding temporary money-making methods, then you can skip this article from here.

Now come to the point, if you follow the tips given below, it can make you a millionaire.

Really! I am not kidding.

Remember that, I have answered some important questions that may come to your mind (Like- How much money I can earn from online?, How long does it take to make money online? etc.), please don’t skip any part of this guide.

Real Ways To Earn Money Online

1. Do Blogging

Have you ever heard of blogging?  If not, I would like to tell you that a blog is an Online diary where you can write your experiences, product reviews, beauty tips and more. I have written a detailed guide about blogging which you can read by clicking on the link given below:

What Is Blog?

It is important to inform you that you can start a blog for free. Yes! you do not need to invest money to start a blog. Amazing! isn’t it? Know more How to start a blog for free?

2. Create Your Own Website

Currently, it takes about an hour to create a website. You can also create your own website. Now if you are wondering what to do by creating a website, then you should once look at sites like Amazon and Flipkart to see how they earn billions of Dollars.

I agree that it costs a lot to build a big website like Amazon but we can start.

Did you know that Amazon was previously a small online book store?

It took Jeff Bezos (Amazon Owner) 20 years to become The Jeff Bezos.

Who knows who the next Jess Bezos is? Maybe you are. But for this, you have to sow seeds first.

So, how much money do we need to build a website?

Answer: Minimum 50 Dollars.

I have a guide for you Where I have discussed How to start a Website on WordPress, If you want to read that article right now then click on the below link:

Build a WordPress Website

Note that, The way to create a website and blog is the same.

3. Become a Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the most popular platforms for earning money from home.

So, how does freelancing work?

Suppose there is an American company whose merchandise goes to India and that is why they sometimes have to make their banner in the Hindi language.

What will the company do in such a situation?

Of course, they will try to find a per-time worker!

Because this is not the regular work of the company and for irregular work, they cannot increase their manpower by calling an Indian to America. For this reason, they need freelancers.

Such countless work is done through freelancing, you can become a Free-lancer and you do not have to pay a single penny for this. Fiverr.com is one of the popular site for Freelancing and it’s absolutely free.

earn money online through freelancing
Image Source: https://www.Fiverr.com

Note:- the Freelancing market is growing very fast, especially in Asian countries.

4. Start Video Making

I know that you are watching online videos once a day whether it is on YouTube or Facebook. What if we start making videos ourselves and others watch our videos?

Do you know how much money you can earn by making videos?

If not, then you should know about PewDiePie (Youtube Channel) who make millions of dollars a month. And the biggest thing is that now you can earn money by uploading videos on Facebook too. This means that you can earn money by uploading the same video on two platforms. Facebook and Youtube WOW!

You can start making videos from your smartphone without spending any money.

5. Sell Products On Marketplaces

Become a seller on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc. If you have products then sell via these Internet marketplaces. You can make a lot of profit from it.

Just create a Seller Account on Marketplaces and start earning money online.

Extra Tips: Real Ways To Earn Money Online

My work is over here, now you have to decide which method is suitable for you. If you ask me which of these is my favorite money-making method, I would say Blogging and Video Making.

By the way, all the above methods are real. I would like to remind you once again that it can take some time to make money with all these methods. If you work patiently, all these methods can change your life.


  • Become a Blogger
  • Make Own Website
  • Do Freelancing
  • Start Video Making
  • Sell on Marketplaces

Okay, I am concluding my article here. I am very curious to know your opinion about the “Real Ways To Earn Money Online” guide. Please use my comment section below.

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